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1711 in Spokane, Wash. during it's BN days
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1711 sits on Museum's Siding for 4 years
Leased BN GP9 1711 was at San Angelo Jct (South Orient's connection with the Santa Fe Lampasas Subdivision) east of Coleman, Texas on June 3, 1993. Photo by Wes Carr
One of the last things that the South Orient RR did thanks to their Chief Operating Officer and long time friend to the Museum, Roy Williams, was to donate a GP9 Diesel locomotive for use as a static display.

The Engine was still numbered with its BN number 1711, a GP9 it was originally built for Northern Pacific RR  by EMD serial number 20343 as their number 211 in Feb of 1955.

Leased to the Orient shortly after the start up of SORR operations Burlington Northern begins to actively move traffic over the line. To assist with the operations, BN made available  #1711 and leased the locomotive to SORR.

On Saturday 14, 1997, 1711 was moving a train when an electrical control panel fire damaged it. The cost to repair the damage would be more than the worth so the SO bought the unit and it was used for parts by the SO until the SO donated to the Museum in early 2003 when it was moved to Texas Tank Car Works repair shops where it was prepared for the museum.

1711 sat in its BN colors on the Museum’s siding since being donated, along with the Museum’s GE 44 ton former USAF unit, ATSF caboose and box car.

In October 2007 was taken to Texas Tank Car Works sandblasted for painting to South Orient Blue! The repainted locomotive will returned home carrying the number SO 103.  This number was selected because it had been used by the SO and now is no longer an active number and can be used without duplicating any other locomotive's designation. The Engine was delivered back to the Museum DEC 15, 2007 in it's new colors.

BN GP9 1711 worked South Orient's San Angelo yard in January 1995 Photo by Wes Carr
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BN 1711 GP9 Arives at the Museum
GP9 Sits With Its New Paint At The Museums Plaza Siding In The Head Of The Museum's Other Rolling Stock as SO 103