Railway Museum of San Angelo
This page was last updated on: March 12, 2012
History Gallery Room of
Historic Photos of San Angelo and the Railroad

Throughout the entire Museum Historic pictures are used to tell a part of the Railroad’s History.The History Gallery Room is devoted to Historic Photos of San Angelo.

Some of more prominent areas and features in the collection feature both Mathis and Goodfellow Army Airfields from being built during WW2 and up to the current day.

Photos of Frontier Fort Concho, Shannon Hospital and San Angelo College (now ASU) give visitors an idea of the importance of these in building our city

Also shown in the room are photos of some of the events that shaped the City such as 5 major floods and the building of the damns to contain further flooding.

Visitors often spend over an hour in this room alone which also attracts people that are interested in more than just Railroad history.