Railway Museum of San Angelo
This page was last updated on: March 12, 2012
Lem Allen "N" Scale
Dedication of Completed Layout
Y across tracks from where passenger depot will go at bottom of picture. Original Y in Coleman was to the side and on the same side of tracks as passenger depot, but we needed to take a little artistic licence because of space
Coleman Freight depot with its large platform is already a busy place
The river was widened using same shape as on original layout, then 2 layers of 1 inch Pink foam was glued in the river bed after which David "Carved" it with a hot foam tool he made.IT is now looks like a deeper river with rough boulder strewn banks. Wide shallow part in center top of photo will be the damned up river for the Millpond and water wheel of the Mill in Luling that will be placed along the bank of the river at the damn.

David used torn strips of brown pager towels to cover the seams where the foam meets the table top, then brushed on white glue and water mixture. The River bed will painted with several colors to simulate water and then a layer of clear epoxy "WATER" from woodland scenic's will be poured over it to give the impression of water in river
the Ash Pit in the foreground is finished and ready to be painted and given a realistic coat of ash and burned out coal. You can see the turntable in left background of photo and the 3 track rail yard to the right. The roundhouse is being built and the area will have several work tracks including a scraping out track and scrap pile.
Look for more photos on this page as progress is made
Work done September 7th 2009
What will be the River and Mill area in Luling gets a coat of plaster. Next step to paint the river hopefully be done before Friday
I also started work on paining streets on Coleman side today. This area is across the tracks from the main section of the City. After paint dries will tape over road beds and redo edges to clean up the lines of the roads.Also will make crossings over track in 3 places and put another layer of paint on roads and put in center stripe
Zac Allen and wife look over details of Ranch
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Susan Allen Shows son Lembo
Oil Museum in Lulling
The Allen's admiring more of the detailed work on
Lulling TX side
Zac, Susan and Lembo by dedication plaque
The Allen's granddaughter looks over their ranch at Echo,TX
Back yard BBQ scene in Coleman TX
Older boys play Basketball while younger ones prefer ice cream truck