Railway Museum of San Angelo
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Lem Allen "N" Scale
Buildings for the layout

Two major representations on the layout will be the Cities of Coleman and Luling Texas. David Wood has made 4 trips to Coleman to date to get photos and historic information to use for the new models on the layout. David and Cecil Watson on the first trip identified many very interesting structures along the rail line running through Coleman. Susan and Zac Allen and many people in Coleman have been a great help in obtaining information about Coleman which has so many great structures still left from the early 1900’s.

There are plans for over 20 of these buildings in Coleman to be modeled. Many of the ones chosen were done so because they were along the rail line, had some historic significance, were present in the 1950’s and had character.

The following are those that David has completed to date. All were done using a fairly new computer program called Model Builder by Evan Designs at www.modeltrainsoftware.com.

David in many instances took the actual photos and after using several steps in Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 he then cropped out unique features of a building and imported them into model builder where he designed each building. The design was then printed out on a laser printer on plain paper and then glued to Mat Board. After drying each piece was cut out, , features added or cut out then each piece was trimmed and glued to a base made for each building. Detail pieces were added along with “weathering”. The average building took about 18 hours to make not including the trips to photograph the original and do research on each.

Some of the following models are not complete and will get additional details and signs added before being places on the layout.

While all these models were made to look like the originals many had to be modified and reuduced down in there scaled dimensions do to space available on the layout

David plans to go to Luling soon to take photos there and do additional research on that town.

The Coleman Fire station is still in use today. Originally it also had the City hall housed in it. above as the model and below in real life
Model of freight depot which was next to current passenger depot
A composite of 3 different grain elevators most to the left after going past the underpass
Old rock gas station and grocery store just past underpass
This Building is very large and impressive and has been several things including a moving and transfer company
Original is below
These two buildings are across the side street form the rock gas station

The one on the left was originally an oil company office and was most currently the Colorado River Authority office. One one to the left is vacant but was orininaly the Nehi Bottling Plant.

Originals are below
Most hunters who have been to Coleman most likely visited Elkin's Cut Rate Store ,  also near the rock gas station, for their liquid supplies
Acroos the main highway from the little rock gas staion is this old welding buisness now closed.

When completed the model will have a simulated arc weling light inside of it operating

Original below
Acroos the track from the passeinger staion is this little Texas Oil Company,  later to become Texico, wahrehouse
This little building will represent the store in Echo TX when it is finished
Luling Texas is famouse for its oil fields and water mellons
The models below are of thewater tower in Luling painted to look like a watermellon ,one of the 225 pump jacks within the city limits and an old oil derik which has a sign on it proclaining
Oil City
since 1922"